EvoraPro is GingiVITAL to You and Your Patients

EvoraPro is the first
professional-strength oral probiotic tablet that
accelerates the
repopulation of beneficial bacteria1 after a
professional prophylaxis, and helps maintain that healthy bacteria
balance2 daily.

Once a day EvoraPro
gives your patients
the GingiVITAL edge


Recommend with Confidence

A product of more than 30 years of probiotic research by industry
leader ProBiora Health, EvoraPro features a patented, proprietary,
extra-strength blend of beneficial bacteria, ProBiora3®.

  • Easily implemented
  • High compliance
  • Recommended and used
    by dentists
  • Available to your patients
    through you

Extend the Efficacy of Regular Cleanings

You already know the impact bacteria have on oral health. It’s why
you emphasize regular checkups and responsible home oral care.
Now you can see the exciting results – including whiter teeth, fresher
breath and healthy gums – when you help patients maintain a
healthy bacteria balance between visits.


With EvoraPro, it Really is That Simple.

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1. Hillman JD, Socransky SS. In: New Biotechnology in Oral Research. 1989:1-17.
2. Zahradnik RT, et al. J Appl Microbiol. 2009;107(2):682-690.