EvoraPro is Different Than Anything in Your Arsenal


This dissolvable tablet supports gum and tooth health while naturally whitening teeth and fighting bacteria that causes bad breath.

  • Once EvoraPro is dissolved in the oral cavity, a natural blend of beneficial bacteria binds to teeth and flourishes below the gingival margin
  • EvoraPro helps to crowd out undesirable bacteria and helps maintain a healthy, natural balance of beneficial oral flora in the mouth
  • EvoraPro is the first professional-strength oral probiotic that promotes whiter teeth, fresher breath and overall oral health

How does EvoraPro fit into patients’ oral
care routine?

EvoraPro is best started when a patient has just completed a
professional prophylaxis.

  • A professional prophylaxis removes both beneficial and undesirable bacteria
  • Allowed to dissolve on the tongue after the patient’s oral hygiene routine, EvoraPro begins to repopulate the mouth with a healthy balance of essential probiotic bacteria
  • Because EvoraPro only contains bacteria naturally found in the oral cavity, it is ideal for most patients*

*Immunocompromised patients should not use EvoraPro without consulting
their physician.

How do you get EvoraPro into your practice?

EvoraPro is only available to patients through dental professionals. Click HERE for more information on becoming an exclusive EvoraPro provider.

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