Be EvoraPro®-Active. Become an EvoraPro Preferred Professional Member


Preferred Professional Membership gets you:

EvoraPro Preferred Professional Membership is open only to dental professionals.

Preferred Professional Members have exclusive access to EvoraPro
professional sales.

Preferred Professional Members can enjoy the referral benefits of the
Evora Dentist Finder, our online consumer search program.

Evora Dentist Finder connects you with patients:

  • Searching for new practices
  • Searching for practices that use EvoraPro oral probiotics
  • Confirming that their practice — you — uses EvoraPro

Dispense EvoraPro Through Your Practice

A Convenient and Affordable Treatment for Patients
A Beneficial Revenue-Generator for You

  • EvoraPro is available exclusively through dental professionals – not through any consumer store or consumer website
  • Your patients order through your office
  • EvoraPro generates revenue for you

Already an Evora office?

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Joining the Preferred Professional Network is Quick and Easy

Use the form below to register your office. You’ll be contacted by our customer service staff.

Your office can choose to:

  • Stock EvoraPro product to dispense in-office
  • Purchase product online to be shipped directly to your patients
  • Provide your unique code to your patients for them to order a 90-day
    supply of EvoraPro online

Whichever route you choose, you reap the practice-growing benefits of being an EvoraPro Preferred Professional.

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