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ProBiora Health supports EvoraPro oral probiotics and the dental professionals who recommend it by making all professional papers and testimonials available to you.

EvoraPro Clinical Studies

Published clinical studies document the safety and efficacy of patented ProBiora3, blend of beneficial bacteria in EvoraPro.

EvoraPro White Paper

Perspectives on EvoraPro and ProBiora3 as it pertains to maintaining patient oral health and enhancing the dental practice.

EvoraPro Patient Testimonials

The proof is in the patient. See what they say about their EvoraPro experience.

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“Simple to say but this stuff has helped my gums more than any dentist. How this has not become the must have supplement for oral care is beyond me. If you have gum issues try it for yourself and then go to the dentist and be amazed. I can’t say enough about this product. I love it and use it every day.”

– Jack from New Jersey

“This product is very worthwhile. It keeps teeth white and helps promote good mouth bacteria.”

– Ace from Florida

“This sounds like a commercial, but in fact, the plaque on my teeth is now completely under control, and in addition, my teeth are whiter. I don’t know what I would do without Evora Plus. It’s a lifesaver.”

– Jen from California

“I recently read about this product while doing research on dental health. I decided to try it and it really is as good as was advertised. An essential for a healthy mouth.”

– Ti from Hawaii

“These came fast and as expected, really work on bad breath My husband noticed a big difference when he used them on a regular basis.”

– Donna from Washington

Assets for You and Your Patients

ProBiora Health has a full array of EvoraPro patient education and other materials for your office. These attractive pieces clearly convey the benefits of using EvoraPro oral probiotics. Your patients will be ready to inquire and ready to try.

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